Compassion Animal Hospital Welcomes Cats!!

January is Compassion Animal Hospital’s Feline Health Month! This means 10% off exams, vaccines, and bloodwork. We are excited to see your cats and give them the veterinary care they need to stay safe and healthy.

We at Compassion Animal Hospital know that most cats hate to travel and are not always friendly in a new place with people they do not know. So, we make a special effort to make your cat’s experience with us neutral if not positive. We use proper and gentle restraint with cats. Not all cats need to be scruffed for every procedure. Our holders know that. We make a special effort to allow your kitty to become aware of his or her surroundings and acquainted with us before restraining. When we do restrain, we try to show affection to your kitty first then hold them gently. We only scruff if the cat is showing aggression or if it is needed to collect a blood sample from the back leg.

Also, we have a special room for cats. These rooms do not have windows to minimize the stimulation of your cat’s senses and help him or her to relax. Additionally, we spray a hormone called Feliway in the cat examination rooms and waiting areas to help your cats feel safe and relaxed. This hormone is familiar to all cat’s and signals for them to accept and enjoy their visit. Our staff is also sensitive to your cat’s needs. We have a separate waiting area for cats. That way they do not have to sit right by our canine patients. This feline waiting area is also sprayed with Feliway. Our receptionists move our feline patients into a separate room if more people or animals come into the waiting area. Cats become very edgy with new people or animals. We do not want your cat to be scared or angry before the appointment starts. So, we try to be sensitive to anything that may trigger fear or aggression at any point during your visit.

What we do to help cats feel more comfortable during hospitalization.

Hospitalization can be very stressful for cats. The hospital is a busy place, and sometimes they are ill, which leads to higher stress levels. In the hospital, we offer cats a hiding box. This box is for them to hide behind to get a break from the stimulation of the office. Most cats really enjoy them and some even use them to relax and sleep. All feline cages are also given a “Buddy” or towel sprayed with Feliway. This is a hormone familiar to all cats that makes them feel safe and helps them relax. We also try to move them away from noisy dogs that may be staying with us. This combination often helps our feline patients feel much more at ease in the hospital.

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