Anti-anxiety Medications for Cats

Solliquin for cats: Solliquin is a natural remedy for anxiety. It contains: L-theanine, Magnolia/Phellodendron, and Whey Protein Concentrate. L- theanine is naturally found in green tea. It’s role in controlling anxiety is to boost the production of brain waves that create relaxation.

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Feliway®: FELIWAY® Spray mimics feline facial pheromone, which every cat will recognize as comforting and calming. FELIWAY® is effective in reducing (or possibly eliminating) inappropriate urination and scratching. We see improvement in 7 days most of the time. FELIWAY® spray lasts 4-5 hours. Spray where the cat is marking using 8-10 sprays twice daily for 30 days. FELIWAY® is not a sedative, and it does not go systemic. It has no known contraindications or warnings. It is perfectly safe. Cats don’t want to scratch or spray where they detect the feline facial pheromone.

FELIWAY® MultiCat: FELIWAY® MultiCat is similar to the pheromone that appeases and encourages social bonding. It also comforts and calms. It’s main function is helping with cat conflicts and introducing new cats. It calms cats during social interactions. According to the makers of Feliway, “After using FELIWAY® MultiCat, 84% of cat owners saw their cats getting along significantly better.”. Improvement is seen within 21 days of use. FELIWAY® MultiCat is non-sedating and non-systemic. It has no known contraindications with any other treatment.

Prozac/Fluoxetine HCl:

This medication is the same as what is used in other species (humans, horses, etc). It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and acts as an antidepressant. Serotonin is a “feel good” hormone. It changes the brain chemistry in our patients to help them feel a strong sense of happiness and well-being.

Often, our veterinarians try to use these kinds of medications (Prozac and Alprazolam) after all other treatments have not worked. Before we can put your pet on this medication, it is recommended that we check bloodwork to make sure that your pet is systemically normal. Prozac is processed by the liver. So, any patients with liver compromise will not be allowed to use this medication. After beginning this medication, we recheck bloodwork every six months to make sure that the liver values and other blood work values remain normal.

June: Freedom from Anxiety Month

June is….

Freedom from Anxiety Month

at Elkwood Animal Hospital.

Many of our canine patients experience anxiety on a daily basis. Thunderstorms, separation from owners, car rides, confinement (crated), other animals, people, and changes in the household can all be sources of anxiety for dogs. Luckily, we have many products that can help our furry friends fight their natural tendency to be afraid. In preparation for July 4th, we are offering a 10% discount on the following anti-anxiety medications: Solliquin, Adaptil, Thundershirt, Prozac, and Alprazolam.

Signs of Anxious Dogs:


Inappropriate urination


Chewing Up Your Belongings


Destroying walls, doors, baseboard, etc

Breeds of Dogs that Tend to Have Anxiety Issues:

Siberian Husky


German Short-haired pointer

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Bernese Mountain Dog

Great Pyrenees

Border Collie

Standard Poodle


Cats experience anxiety too. Most of the time, this anxiety manifests itself in aggressive or very timid behavior. Anxious cats may growl, hiss, or swat at whatever is scaring them, or they may run and hide, be anti-social, and uncomfortable in their environment.

Another common problem is disagreement between cats in a multicat household. One cat in a household may want to be dominant and may chase or pick fights with the other cats creating a hostile and combative environment. None of these things are normal, and sometimes, herbal and medicinal remedies can reduce or completely eliminate some of these unwanted behaviors. In preparation for July 4th, we are offering a 10% discount on the following anti-anxiety medications:

Solliquin for cats


Feliway Multi-cat


Microchip Your Pet!


We believe in microchip identification for all pets!

Getting lost pets home is our health focus for November, and we are offering 10% off our microchip placement!



As many as one third of all pets may find themselves lost or separated from their owners at one point in their lifetimes. Dogs get excited and run off to explore; fences are damaged in storms; delivery people or family friends accidentally leave a door open and a pet who normally stays indoors is suddenly out, scared, and lost – all of these can happen and create a very scary situation!

Pets should wear collars and tags with contact information as well, but collars and tags can come off or can be removed, while a microchip stays with your pet for a lifetime. Tattoos sometimes fade, and sometimes could be altered. A microchip is programmed with one unique number, and is in place for life.

Microchip implantation is a reliable way to ensure your pet’s identity is known wherever they may turn up – when a lost pet visits a shelter, animal control, or a good Samaritan brings a found animal to a vet, the animal can be scanned for the microchip and its unique identification number that can set him/her on the path to getting back home.



The microchip is inserted with a quick and simple injection in the loose skin between the shoulder blades of cats and dogs. (Other species may have different locations) After that simple process, your pet’s ID is in place for life. A physical exam is not required for microchip placement!

Once the chip is placed, a scan is done right away to be sure everything is functional! Microchip scanners are made to be universal now, and able to pick up chips from any manufacturer. Having your pet’s chip scanned every year is also a great idea, to make sure no shifting has occurred and help ensure your peace of mind.



Once a lost pet’s chip is scanned, the person or organization will use the number from the chip to help get the pet back home. Through phone numbers and websites, the microchip number allows the pet’s rescuer to find the contact information for the pet’s owner. The American Animal Hospital Association manages the which is a universal search site anyone can use, and one of the easiest ways to look up information on a scanned microchip number.

Each microchip contains a unique ID number – but no other information. Your personal information is NOT stored in your pet’s chip! ID numbers will need to be registered and kept up to date so that the number leads back to the pet’s human family members.

You will receive a lifetime registration form to complete and submit when your pet gets the microchip. Your pet’s number will initially be linked to our hospital, and then to you when you register. Make sure to keep your registration information up to date with us and with the microchip company!


Again, in November we are offering a 10% discount off all our microchip services! Please call us with any questions or to schedule to have your pet microchipped today!  540-439-9016

Is Anxiety Ruining Your Pet’s Summer?

This month’s Health Focus is Freedom From Anxiety!

Summer brings celebrations that often feature fireworks, explosions, and gunshots, but these things are frequently scary for our pets, who don’t understand the loud noises and bright flashes. Even if the fireworks don’t start weeks early in your neighborhood, Mother Nature is usually ready to deliver light shows of her own featuring lightning, thunder, and barometric pressure changes. Car rides or kennel boarding for summer trips can top it all off to make this a scary time of year for many pets.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of things that can be done to help your pets be at their best and most comfortable. See below for some of the things we’re recommending this summer.

Team Up – Consult With A Vet

Our veterinarians are here to help with behavior, training, and phobias as well as your pet’s other health concerns. Set up a consult to discuss your pet’s particular fears, triggers, or problem behaviors and what can be done to help. Sometimes there is training that can help calm fears or manage frightening situations, other times there may be medications that can make things better or easier. Did you know there’s a great anti-nausea medication for pets that can calm queasy stomachs and turn that reluctant car rider into an eager copilot? Or a jacket that can help provide a snug “hug” for a pet and may make thunderstorms easier even without ANY additional medications? Our vets are here to help your pets’ well being in all ways, including their sense of comfort in stressful situations.


Pheromones – Pill-Free Relief

Pheromones are chemicals processed through a pet’s olfactory system (the same system that processes smell, such an important sense to our dogs and cats!) that can have a direct calming effect on the brain without the use of oral medications. Specific products for both dogs and cats are available, and replicate chemicals that have a calming effect on the brain. For dogs, Adaptil® products are available as collars that can be put on in the morning if the weather is calling for thunderstorms so they can work gently throughout the day. Feliway® products for cats are available in a room spritz or even set-it-and-forget-it plug-in diffusers that are especially helpful for times when you’re having house guests, or that week around the 4th of July when there are stray fireworks going off in the neighborhood.adaptilfeliway

Nutraceuticals – Calm By Nature

There are some great non-prescription products out there that can be helpful as well. Some proteins and amino acids have been studied to support our pets’ sense of calm and healthy brain chemical balance. For example, the product Zylkene® makes use of a protein from milk, and Solliquin Chews use the amino acid L-Theanine from green tea and other botanical extracts to promote balanced behavior and relaxation. While we recommend you check in with our doctors before starting on any supplement for your pet, these products are over the counter and do not require a prescription. Consider adding them to your routine to help your furry family members to be more comfortable.zylkenesolliquin

This June we are offering 50% off the Behavior Consult exam with the veterinarians, and 10% off anxiety and calming aids, including all the products mentioned above! Help you and your pets have a great summer, and call us with any questions or to schedule a consult!

Feline Health Month!


Cats need regular veterinary care too! Join us this month for specials for your feline friends, and make sure these family members get just as much of the attention they need and deserve as their canine compatriots!



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