New! Health Plans!

Introducing Health Plans!

Does a predictable payment schedule for your pet’s routine healthcare sound like something you would enjoy? How about discounted pricing on all that wellness care will be doing for your pet anyway?

Compassion Animal Hospital is excited to announce that we are now offering wellness care Health Plans for your pets! These plans include all the routine vaccines, vaccination exams, and testing we recommend for your pet on a yearly basis, as well as special subscriber discounts on select products and services!

Predictable and Budget-Friendly

You pay one low monthly payment for twelve months and are entitled to a complete package of wellness care for your cat or dog throughout that time. This makes budgeting easy, and eliminates the guesswork of what yearly wellness visits will run you.

Additional Savings

Our health plans are already discounted 5-10% over regular prices for the included benefits, but when you pay the entire balance up front, you can save another 5% off the total amount paid.

Flexible Options

We have plans tailored for kittens, puppies, adult cats, and adult dogs, as well as several upgrades to our adult health plans. The Silver and Gold upgrades include additional testing and preventative screenings for disease in your pet. These are especially important when your pet is middle aged or older (5-7 years old for dogs, and 6-8 years old for cats) as that is when many diseases start to present in blood work. The Dental Health Plan also makes sure you can plan for and get your pet’s important yearly oral health exam and cleaning. Details on the upgrades are available on the adult cat and adult dog plan pages!

Commitment To Total Wellness

We have been working hard to bring you this convenient new way to manage your pet’s important preventative care. Our hospital is committed to providing total care for your pet – preventing illness by detecting diseases at an early stage, promoting healthy living and lifestyle habits, and being proactive in care whenever possible. This way we can avoid having to treat illnesses or disease in your pet later on!

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    Kitten Health Plan


    Puppy Health Plan


    Adult Cat Health Plan


    Adult Dog Health Plan


    Dental Health Plan: Dogs and Cats