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Acupuncture and Other Holistic Care

Holistic Care Practices for your Pet


Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). Acupuncture helps promote healing by stimulating specific points mapped out on the body thousands of years ago. It is beneficial for pain related to musculoskeletal disorders as well as neuropathies, dermatologic problems, and many internal medicine conditions. Acupuncture can be done on a wide range of species, including but not limited to: dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles, birds and more!

There are several ways acupuncture can be performed: dry needling (insertion of a sterile needle into the acupuncture point), electroacupuncture (stimulating the area between two acupuncture points to focus healing), acupuncture (using B12, saline, or other injectable in acupuncture points), or laser therapy (using light therapy over specific acupuncture points). Each animal is evaluated based on their specific condition and personality to determine what treatment option would work best for them. Acupuncture consults and treatments are available for some conditions. Please request an appointment with Kathleen Connor, DVM or Abbie Beahm, DVM, CVA.


Veterinary chiropractic is a holistic, noninvasive approach to healing the body. It is beneficial to all animals at any stage of life. The spine, brain stem, and cerebrum are the pinnacle points of health for all living things. When there is a disturbance in these areas, it affects the nervous system locally and spreads throughout the body which negatively impacts organ function, neurological function, mobility function, and overall health. Through chiropractic adjustments, the body is able to restore health and function without the use of medications or surgery. A thorough spinal examination, gait evaluation, and hands on palpation are all used to assess where the chiropractic adjustment needs to be performed. After this comprehensive spinal exam, the appropriate technique will be determined and performed. Animal chiropractic has been shown to be effective for musculoskeletal issues by improving gait, treating disc degeneration, treating spinal injuries, and preventing disease occurrence through consistent adjustments to promote health. Whether it is treatment for an established disease or wellness care, veterinary chiropractic is a great option for all animals – farm, small, and exotics.

Research articles:

Veterinary Chiropractic Treatment as a Measure to Prevent the Occurrence of Spondylosis in Boxers:

NAET® Therapy

Dr. Lisa Gibson has completed training in this non-invasive, drug free complimentary therapy and can provide these services for your pets. N.A.E.T. treats allergies without having to do shots or oral drops. Oftentimes, it lowers stress for your pet and provides much needed relief from the allergies that are plaquing your pet daily. Request an appointment with her for an individualized N.A.E.T. consultation and treatment for your pet.

Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is an underused healing remedy. It uses different wavelengths of light to stimulate tissue development, decrease pain, kill bacteria, and so much more. It is a wonderful way to help the body heal faster from wounds (both surgical and incidental), muscle injuries, neurologic injuries and joint pain. This is a cutting edge technology we are pleased to offer to our clientele.

We have inhouse laser therapy. Oftentimes, this requires that you schedule your pet twice a week so that a trained staff member can perform the laser therapy. If bringing your pet into the office is difficult, we have smaller units that you can rent and take home to do the treatments yourself.

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Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma uses the patient’s own cells to accelerate healing. We perform this therapy in the hospital by drawing your pet’s blood, isolating the plasma, sedating your pet, and delivering the plasma to the part of the body in need of healing. It is very helpful for wounds, joint injuries, and trauma healing.



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