Puppy Health Plan

What Is Included In My Puppy’s Health Plan?

Our first year health plan for puppies is chock full of important wellness care, free samples, and educational materials to help you and your new best friend get off to a great start. Vaccinations, parasite prevention, behavior counseling, home care education, and important spay or neuter surgery are ALL included. We provide you with a handy tracking sheet to also help you stay on track with your puppy’s booster schedule and get the most out of your plan.


  • Up to 5 wellness and vaccination exams: During these exams, our veterinarian will evaluate the overall health status of your new puppy and provide recommendations for preventative care and lifestyle management. You will be informed about any abnormalities during the examination and counseled on what these may mean for your pet. Puppies require multiple boosters of their vaccinations to ensure efficacy, just like children do. Having available five vaccination exams allows the veterinarian to space the vaccines apart as appropriate for your specific puppy.
  • All vaccines recommended by the veterinarian for your specific animal: Not all animals require the same vaccination schedule. Our veterinarian will work with you to determine the vaccines that are required for your pet. The best part? All of these vaccines are covered at no extra cost to you if your pet requires more vaccines based on his/her lifestyle.
  • Pet Parent Puppy Education Kit: We will provide you with written information about the diseases and conditions that we are protecting your puppy against with vaccines and preventatives. This allows you to review the information at home for a more thorough understanding of your pet’s medical care.
  • Heartworm Test (if puppy is greater than 6 months of age): Spread by the bite of mosquitoes, heartworm disease can be deadly to dogs. The worms can hinder the pumping of blood by the heart, eventually leading to heart failure. Once a dog has heartworm disease, treatment is complicated and not without risk. The patient must be kept crated with no exercise for months, and is treated with both oral medications and injections of an arsenic-like medication into their muscles. This treatment can be expensive, but it is the only way to kill the adult worms in the body. Yearly heartworm testing helps us to make sure that if a dog is infected by heartworm disease, we catch it as soon as possible to minimize damage to their body. This also allows us to keep dogs on preventatives, which kill the larvae before they can become adult worms in the body.
  • Tick-borne disease testing (lyme disease, erlichiosis, anaplasmosis): We see a lot of tick-borne disease in this area of the country. Monitoring dogs for exposure to tick-borne diseases helps us to make sure that they stay as healthy as possible, while still enjoying the outdoors. Puppies are tested for tick-borne diseases prior to starting their lyme vaccination series.
  • FREE first dose of heartworm prevention & FREE first dose of flea & tick prevention! We carry a variety of both heartworm and flea/tick preventatives to help fit your budget and your pet’s lifestyle. Health plan members also receive a 10% discount on all purchases of these important medications. We encourage clients to keep their pets on preventatives year-round to provide complete coverage.
  • Two fecal exams (if needed): All puppies are required to have a fecal examination because they are born with intestinal parasites. These parasites can prevent puppies from gaining weight and growing normally, and they can also spread to humans! If your puppy’s first fecal comes back positive for a parasite, we will prescribe the appropriate medication and recheck a fecal to ensure that the parasites are gone.
  • Puppy dewormer set: Since all puppies have intestinal worms, all puppies require deworming. We will send you home with a safe and effective dewormer called Pyrantel. This flavored medication is a favorite of puppies and is easy to give with a syringe. We recommend giving this every 2 weeks until your puppy is 6 months of age.
  • Up to five pedicures (given at regular vaccination appointments): Sometimes pets wiggle for nail trims at home. Let our staff help by clipping your puppy’s nails while here for an appointment.
  • Dental Care Kit and Introduction to Home Dental Care: Beginning home dental care when your puppy is young is essential for lifelong oral health. Let us teach you how to begin tooth brushing and other dental care at home with your pet!
  • 10% off microchip implantation: Microchips are a valuable way to ensure that your pet will always be able to find his/her way home if lost. Planning in advance by microchipping your pet can decrease stress during a difficult situation later on. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice, and is placed under the skin between the shoulder blades. Any veterinarian or shelter can scan for the microchip if your pet is found and brought in. The number that is read on the reader is traceable back to you.
  • SPAY OR NEUTER SURGERY: One of the most important things that we do for our pets is to have them spayed (females) or neutered (males). Besides preventing unwanted pregnancy and litters of puppies, spaying and neutering also has medical benefits. For example, unspayed females are prone to developing pyometra, a life-threatening infection in the uterus. Unneutered males can develop enlargement of the prostate, which can lead to pain, bleeding and prostatic infections. Avoid these potential problems by having your animals spayed and neutered. Included in the puppy health plan is:
    • Presurgical examination
    • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork (complete blood count and mini chemistry)
    • Inhalant Anesthesia
    • Monitoring of the animal before, during and after the procedure
    • Hospitalization all day and overnight (if needed)
    • In-hospital pain medication
    • Detailed home care instructions for your individual pet
    • 25% off laser surgery: The surgical laser decreases pain, swelling and bleeding. This allows our pets to feel better sooner after the procedure.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions about choosing the right care for your pet, including which of our health plans may be best for you and your family!

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